March 2018


Ban Racial Profiling

Saturday 17.03.2018 6:00 pm | Saal

Admission: Donation

Organizer: Werkstatt der Kulturen/ IniRromnja and RomaniPhen Archiv


The participants will discuss the topic of racial profiling in Germany.

A panel discussion about experiences, management and outlook:

  • Biplab Basu (KOP)
  • Prof. Dr. Iman Attia (Alice Salomon Hochschule)
  • Isidora Randjelović (IniRromnja)
  • Sanchita Basu (Reach Out)
  • Tahir Della (ISD)

Moderation: Hengameh Yaghoobifarah

After the discussion: Roma meets Black meets Sinti concert


Campaign: Ban Racial Profiling: Eradicate dangerous places

The Berlin campaign “Ban Racial Profiling: Eradicate dangerous places” insists that the Berlin local government must legally ban racial profiling. As long as the police cannot ensure and prove that racial profiling does not play a role in their work, politicians have to take the authority to perform identity checks, without grounds for suspicion, out of their hands. The following Berlin-based action groups are participating in the campaign against racism, discrimination, expulsion and criminalization:


What does racial profiling mean?

Who isn’t familiar with this? After an over-filled underground train journey, police officers carry out passenger identity checks on the platform. Whose identities are actually checked and why? The persons are often discernable minorities – People of Colour and Black people, Rom*nija, Muslims and others who have their identity checked based on their appearance. Those affected are harassed by the police as alleged criminals and marginalized in society. Checking the identity of people based on their appearance without having concrete grounds for suspicion is called racial profiling. These actions from the police and other security authorities are banned in Germany.


Everything new – everything different?

Racial profiling has been completely denied in Germany for years. Now racial profiling is to be abolished as part of the new local government coalition agreement. They write: “The coalition wants legal clarification of the ban on the practice of racial profiling.” Until now, certainly nothing has changed: People are exposed to police identity checks on a daily basis, without grounds for suspicion. They are stigmatized, criminalized and instrumentalised in the public eye.



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