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3rd Global Drums Festival

From the 19th to the 21st of January 2018, the WERKSTATT DER KULTUREN will be presenting exciting extracts from the broad spectrum of Berlin’s transcultural percussion scene: Concerts, drum workshops for non-professionals, a live percussion party and more!


Friday, 4 May 2018

6 pm | Courtyard | Ritual des Candomblé |Ilê Obá Sileké

7 pm | Saal | Concert | Sonamu – Korean percussion

8 pm | Saal | Concert | Duo Arezoo Rezvani & Murat Coskun
 - Persian & Turkish music

9:30 pm | Club | Concert | LatinArab by Edna & Romeo

Saturday, 5 May 2018

3 pm - 5 pm | S 1 | Workshop | Frame drum with Murat Coskun

6 pm | Courtyard | Concert | BÄM! Berliner Academy for Marching Drums

7 pm | Saal | Concert | Ramesh Shotham
 - Tavil Solo

8 pm | Saal | Concert | Aerodice – Beatbox & Didgeridoo

9 pm | Saal | Concert | Xalaas

10 pm | Club | Cuba Ball with Bebito & Pasaje Abierto

Sunday, 6 May 2018

2 pm - 4 pm | S 4 | Workshop on Cuban percussion - Bebito

2 pm to 4 pm | Courtyard | Workshop | drum circle for families - Alfred Mehnert 

4 pm | Foyer | Concert | Hommage Jam with Eric Vaughn

6 pm | Saal | Concert | Duo Safar

7 pm | Saal Concert | Freydank-Fujioka-Hossain-Trio

8 pm | Saal | Concert | TAMAM & Global Drums Composer Session

*Programme subject to change

Day ticket: €10 / 5 (Berlin Pass)

Workshops: €10 / 5 (Children up to 14 years of age)

WorldWideMusic: €15 / 10 / 5 (Berlin Pass)

Presales at www.eventim.de

Project director: Anette Heit

Best Beats of Maghreb & SOUTH Asia

Berlin is increasingly becoming the new meeting point for a variety of musical movements. Instrumentalists with a high standard of technical proficiency representing all genres live in our city.

And new musical influences are constantly arriving in the city, not least due to the global movements of migrants and refugees, such as those who have come from Syria and Afghanistan. We are responding to the current situation by focusing on percussive music from the Islamic-influenced world between Maghred and South Asia: Master drummers from Afghanistan, Morocco and Syria will be running master classes for professional musicians and performing as part of the concert programme, and other concerts will guide audiences into Iranian and Kurdish worlds of sound.


About THE Festival

With this festival, that illustrates the diversity of percussive music in the various art and cultural environments of Berlin, the WERKSTATT DER KULTUREN, the cultural institute founded 23 years ago in Berlin, is once more reliving its raison d‘être: Celebrating cultural difference and diversity – in one of the most rapidly transforming cultural cities in Europe! Percussion instruments have been played for more than 6,000 years as rhythm, sound effect and signalling instruments, in both sacred and secular contexts. Drums, often combined with other instruments or accompanied by voice and dance, are among the oldest musical instruments known to humanity. The city of Berlin, which has experienced immigration from around the world over the course of its eventful history, has become the home for a variety of percussive traditions.

During the first and second editions of the festival in 2015 and 2017, we were able to experience the growing interest in percussive music from the diversity of musical traditions that there is in Berlin. It is apparent from the development of the percussive field over the course of the last few decades that it has long since emancipated itself from just being an additive drumming component. The strong influence of a variety of musicians from around the world, as well as modern DJs like Little Louis Vega and Gilles Peterson who use percussion samples as the basic groove of their tracks, has dramatically changed the listening culture of audiences, club goers and percussionists themselves. People are once again interested in knowing exactly what drums can offer as sounds in their own right – and how those interpreting these sounds bring them to life.

Today, Berlin has a rich and diverse percussive landscape. In addition to drummers who for the most part play at religious or secular cultural celebrations in their communities, the Berlin percussion scene is strongly characterised by an abundance of internationally active professional musicians.