Dance, Performance, Theatre


The WERKSTATT DER KULTUREN is a venue providing space for a variety of genres within the performing arts: dance schools present the annual works of their students and teachers, communities from Ethiopia, India, Cuba, Senegal, Thailand or Turkey perform theatre works as well as classical and traditional dances.

  • For example, the community of Berlin dance educators and dance group leaders conducted the 7th Berlin state competition "Jugend tanzt" (transl. Youth is Dancing) in 2017.
  • The "Forum Brasil e.V." performed the dance show "Brazil meets Cuba" accompanied by live music as part of BLACK HISTORY MONTH.
  • The initiative "Salsa4Water" has been dancing once a week in the foyer of the WERKSTATT DER KULTUREN since November 2017, collecting donations for water projects.
  • A Kurdish organisation taught the Angolan dance sensation "Kizomba" over many months during a workshop.
  • In the past, the WERKSTATT DER KULTUREN also produced festivals and series such as the traditional dance festival "Bewegte Welten" (transl. Moving Worlds) or the modern dance series "TanzNews" (transl. Dance News) under the curation of the dancer and choreographer Oxana Chi.


The WERKSTATT DER KULTUREN is funded by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe.