CREOLE PRize winners                                          

The 6th creole - Global Music Contest was a fabulous event! We experienced live music at its best, from the 17 most original and captivating bands from all over the city. The audiences were excited and the atmosphere was uniquely inspiring and wonderful!

The international jury with Bisseh Akamé (Marketing department at Universal Music, Berlin), Wolfram Arton (Arton concert direction & event agency, Berlin), Aser El Saqqa (Arts Canteen, Arab Women Artists Now Festival, Nour Festival, London) and Christian Winter (Department of music and film at Dussmann das Kulturkaufhaus, Berlin) announced the winners of this year's creole after much deliberation and decision-making.

We would like to congratulate this year's prize winners:

Carlos Dalelane & Band



Natalie Greffel Band


A heartfelt thank you and a huge round of applause to all the competing bands for their wonderful performances and the three unforgettable evenings, and we wish you all the best for lots and lots more success and inspiration in the future!

Al Adham's Band, Berlinskie Samovary, Bernard Mayo Trio, Conexão Berlin, Django Lassi, Joel Holmes & The Green House Expansion, Feierabend Poetic Cumbia, Leléka, Marie Séférian Quartett, MirMix, Orkeztan, MUSIQANA, Never been to Africa, Projekt Guzu, Ticvaniu Mare, Yukazu

The three evenings were hosted by the wonderful Miriam Siré Camara. Many thanks to all the participants and the magnificent audience and see you next year at the 2018 creole - Global Music Contest!


creole jury Wolfram Arton, Aser El Saqqa, Christian Winter, host Miriam Siré Camara, director of the Werkstatt der Kulturen Philippa Ebéné, jury chair Bisseh Akamé

creole project director Anette Heit, host Miriam Siré Camara




FrIDAY, 01/09/2017

7:00 PM    Start

7:10 PM   MUSIQANA - Syrian tarab music
7:40 PM   Marie Séférian Quartett  - Jazz & chanson
8:10 PM   Conexão Berlin - Brazilian Latin jazz

8:30 PM   Break

9:00 PM   Natalie Greffel Band - Brazilian crossover
9:30 PM   Ticvaniu Mare - Balkan Klezmer brass band

followed by the announcement of the winners

MC: Miriam Camara


7:00 PM    Start

7:10 PM Never been to Africa - AfroFunk
7:40 PM Leléka - Ukrainian folk jazz
8:10 PM Django Lassi - Balkan techno swing
8:40 PM Joel Holmes & The Green House Expansion - Alternative hiphop

9:00 PM Break

9:30 PM   Projekt Guzu Dada - Farsi meets Drum’n’Punk
10:00 PM Bernard Mayo Trio Afro - Pop, kumba, soukous
10:30 PM Berlinskie Samovary - Russian dance folk  

followed by the announcement of the winners

MC: Miriam Camara

SUNDAY, 03/09/2017

5:00 PM Start

5:10 PM MirMix Orkeztan - Fusion / MirMix
5:40 PM TAMAM - Culture percussions
5:10 PM Yukazu - Chanson pop

6:30 PM Break

7:00 PM Carlos Dalelane Band - Afro jazz funk
7:30 PM Al Adham Band - Egyptian folklore
8:00 PM Feierabend Poetic Cumbia - Latin rhythms & postmodern trova

followed by the announcement of the award winners

MC: Miriam Camara
Project manager: Anette Heit


PROGRAMME - FriDAY, 01/09/2017

7:00 PM Start


Syrian tarab Music 

FRIDAY | 01/09/2017 | 7:10 PM


MUSIQANA brings the audience together with their fusion of Tarab music. Four of the six musicians came to Berlin from Syrian in 2015. With the German-Kurdish percussionist Serdar Saydan and the Greek-Lebanese percussionist Markus Vassiliou, influences such as jazz and funk are added to the mix. Tarab is improvisation. Originating from classical music structures, the musicians play freely.
The singer jumps from one maqam (melodic mode) to another, launching the melody into new spheres, and with it transporting the singer, musicians and audience to a state of euphoria, called tarab.


Line up:
Abdallah Rahhal
: Vocals
Adel Sabawi: Guitar
Alaa Zaitouna: Oud
Amjad Adam Oudeh: Bass
Markus Vassiliou: Drums
Serdar Saydan: Percussion

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Marie Séférian Quartett

Jazz & Chanson  

FRIDAY | 01/09/2017 | 7:40 PM


The Quartett primarily plays compositions by its singer, Marie Séférian, whose vocals oscillate between French lyrics and freely improvised sequences of syllables. The songs tell stories of young women in large palaces, ancient wisdom and morning melancholy. The three musicians punctuate these various images with their creative and colourful playing. Together, the quartet creates a mix of French chanson, jazz and Middle Eastern sounds.


Line up: 
Marie Séférian: Vocals
Niko Meinhold: Piano
Tim Kleinsorge: Bass
Javier Reyes: Drums

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Conexão Berlin

Brazilian Latin Jazz 

FRIDAY | 01/09/2017 | 8:10 PM


The band Conexão Berlin positions itself between the rich musical tradition of Brazilian instrumental music and modern European jazz. The project was founded by the percussionist Andreas Weiser, who has been working with the numerous variations of Brazilian music for many years. Weiser seeks to unite the most interesting aspects of both musical styles in his band. Groovy and jazzy instrumental music with Brazilian accents is the result.


Line up:
Christian Magnusson Trumpet
Tino Derado Piano
Thomy Jordi Bass
Matthias Trippner Drums
Andreas Weiser Percussion

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Natalie Greffel Band

Brazilian Crossover 

FRIDAY | 01/09/2017 | 9:00 PM


It was almost a year ago, that the singer Natalie Greffel set out to develop an idea that had been flying about in her head for a long time: to combine the Brazilian music that accompanied her through her childhood with jazz. Her musical universe was created through this combination, and features reflective lyrics, humorous harmonies and transformed samba and baião rhythms, which not only show the sunny side of life, but encourage the audience to join in the dancing and celebrations right from the "levada".


Line up: 
Natalie Greffel: Vocals, percussion
Roman Klobe: Guitar
Povel Widestrand: Piano
Fabian Timm: Bass
Ugo Alunni: Drums

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Ticvaniu Mare

Balkan Klezmer Brass Band

FRIDAY | 01.09.2017 | 9:30 PM


Ticvaniu Mare
From the Ukraine, via Moldova and Romania to the Balkan regions of Serbia, Macedonia and Bulgaria, the music of the Berlin-based brass band reflects various regions of Eastern Europe. The versatile repertoire consists of traditional Yiddish songs, and Roma songs that tell stories of the attachments and bonds between people who are made to feel like strangers in their own home. Ticvaniu Mare seizes on their originality and interprets this in its own unique way.


Line up: 
Malte Bogner: Accordion
Martin Olsen: Posaune
Marjan Antic: Trumpet
Moritz Freisinger: Trumpet
Olivier Genevest: Trumpet
Stefan Pahlke: Tuba
Attila Wiegand: Percussion

PROGRAMME - SaTURDAY, 02/09/2017

7:00 PM Start  

Never been to Africa


SATURDAY | 02/09/2017 | 7:10 PM 


Never been to Africa
When Paul Klös and Seb Thieme played together for the first time in 2015, they had the intention of composing Afrobeat music. Then a Syrian violinist, a Palestinian percussionist and flutist, as well as two Brazilians joined the group and immersed this music in Middle Eastern and Brazilian rhythms. Never been to Africa is influenced by West-African Afro-funk from the 1970s and calls on the audience to get up and dance, through its genuinely innocent outlook and deep love for the pulse of Africa.


Line up: 
Aeman Hlal: Violin
Manolo Marin: Guitar
Paul Klös: Guitar
Leo Barreto: Bass
Seb Thieme: Drums, keyboard
Romio Natur: Percussion, Arab flute
Ronan Bonagamba: Percussion

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Ukrainian folk jazz

SATURDAY | 02/09/2017 | 7:40 PM


Leléka is Ukrainian for stork – this animal is a symbol of spring and new luck in the Ukraine. And this is also what the band wants to give to the old Ukrainian songs.
They focus on the themes of work, war, love or of wives who sell their husbands at the market. A large variety of different musical structures are built around the melodies that shine new light on the songs. However, these frameworks are never constructed in too much detail, so that enough scope always remains for spontaneity and creativity in the band.


Line up:
Robert Wienröder: Piano
Thomas Kolarczyk: Double bass
Jakob Hegner: Drums
Viktoria Anton: Vocals

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Django Lassi

Balkan techno swing

SATURDAY | 02/09/2017 | 8:10 PM


Django Lassi 
To simply categorize the style of this Berlin–based sextet as "gypsy swing" would not do them justice. Although the tradition of Jazz Manouche underlies the foundation for many of their original songs, Django Lassi keeps their tonal horizon open in many directions, extending well beyond Reinhardt-esque compositions, to wild poetic balkan dances, to electro-swing trance with freestyled lyrics. The bands diverse influences fuse into an irresistibly danceable experience.


Line up:
Roland Satterwhite: Violin + vocals
Jonas Müller: Accordion + trumpet
Laurent Humeau: Electric guitar
Yasir Hamdan: Acoustic guitar
Yatziv Caspi: Drums + percussion
Klark: Electric bass

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Joel Holmes & The Green House Expansion

Alternative hiphop

SATURDAY | 02/09/2017 | 8:40 PM


Joel Holmes & The Green House Expansion

The Green House Expansion is an electronic project founded by Joel Holmes, Kuba Gudz and Martin Buhl. The three musicians met at Joel Holmes’ weekly jam sessions at the Greenhouse artist house in Tempelhof. They come from different backgrounds as well as different environments: Brooklyn, Posen and Odense. In their music, you’ll find improvisations paying their respects to the jazz tradition, hip hop beats inspired by jazz and soul, and philosophical as well as socially-aware lyrics.


Line up:
Ian Lawrence: Vocals
Joel Holmes: Piano
Martin Buhl: Bass
Kuba Guelz: Drums

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9:00 PM  Break

Projekt Guzu

Dada-Farsi meets Drum’n’Punk

SATURDAY | 02/09/2017 | 9:30 PM


Projekt Guzu is a postmodern rejection of any identities along geographical lines. Traditional Persian rhythms blend with Brazilian jazz harmonies and melancholic French chansons – driven by the deep beat of Berlin’s pulse. With the power of words, even when they are not understood, and the sounds, even if they break with old habits, the musicians want to make music heard that simultaneously knows no and every homeland. Projekt Guzu is a protest against feeling foreign, against appropriation and a homage to all and everything.


Line up:
Elmira Bahrami: Vocals
Stephan Garin: Guitar, piano
Sven Werner: Bass
Jacob Przemus: Drums
Dona Assisi: Tombak, daf


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Bernard Mayo Trio

Afro-Pop, kumba, soukous

SATURDAY | 02/09/2017 |  10:00 PM 


Bernard Mayo Trio 

Bernard Mayo is a musician, painter and illustrator. He was born in Kisangani in Congo and has been a permanent fixture in Berlin’s local music scene since 1994.
The Bernard Mayo Trio performs a mixture of traditional Congolese rhythms, Afro-pop and chansons, with elements of kumba, the mother of today’s rumba, and soukous.


Line up:
Bernard Mayo: Guitar, vocals
Nana Bababoutilabo: Bass
Felix Kerkhoff: Drums, percussion

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Berlinskie Samovary

Russian dance folk

SATURDAY | 02/09/2017 | 10:30 PM


Berlinskie Samovary was founded by the singer Svetlana Silina and bayan accordion player Nikolai Fomin. All the musicians in the band come from various parts of the former Soviet Union. With their original and provocative songs, they challenge traditional musical stereotypes. They convey honest folk messages with emotions ranging from melancholy to euphoria and give traditional Russian songs a new sound, through the styles of swing, polka, blues, ska and reggae.


Line up:
Nikolai Fomin: Vocals, accordion
Svetlana Silina: Vocals, percussion
Vladimir Miller: Saxophone, clarinet, balalaika
Eugen Miller: Bass, vocals
Mark Shmelkin: Drums

Sonntag, 03.09.2017

5:00 PM Start


MirMix Orkeztan

Fusion / MirMix

SUNDAY | 03.09.2017 | 5:10 PM


MirMix Orkeztan

A global musical mix is already suggested in the band’s name. In addition to its own compositions with German, Russian and English lyrics, traditional songs from other language regions and cultures are interpreted in the band’s own unique style. Songs are also sung in Kyrgyz, Serbian and Georgian. The musical elements of the different cultures merge into a fusion that can only be stylistically categorised as MirMix.



Line up:
Paul Linke: vocals, guitar
Andrej Lakisov: soprano saxophone
Gal Liraz: Tenor saxophone
Eugen Hoffmann: guitar, baritone saxophone
Yannick Mäntele: trumpet
Andrej Steinke: bass, vocals
Moritz Weber: drums

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Culture Percussions

SUNDAY  | 03.09.2017 | 5:30 PM


TAMAM is not an undefined multicultural sound that presents the origins of its musicians as exotic. Instead, the individual soundscapes combine to create a new and unique musical style. The percussionists wish to whirl everything together until even the performers themselves no longer know where exactly what they are playing comes from. The origin becomes a more and more distant memory, that resonates in the new sound of the new home, the metropolitan city of Berlin.


Line up:
Evi Filippou: marimba, vibraphone
Alfred Mehnert: percussion
Bodek Janke: percussion
Hogir Göregen: percussion
Katrina Martinez: percussion




Chanson pop

SUNDAY | 03.09.2017 | 6:10 PM



The songwriters Lenuschka Krüger and Mike Hermann play Western and Eastern folk sounds and blend them into a unique sound canvas. French chansons and musical traditions from the Balkans are joined by the fusionists Lety Elnaggar and Muhammad Ra’fat who have introduced Middle Eastern timbres into the compositions. These various musical traditions do not just stand side by side, rather they are combined with each other and fuse together so that Yukazu eludes all stereotypical categorisations.


Line up:
Lenuschka Krüger: vocals, guitar, flute
Alex Kulikowski: accordion
Mike Hermann: guitar, vocals
Lety Elnaggar: clarinet, saxophone, flute
Muhammad Ra’fat: percussion


6:30 PM Break

Carlos Dalelane Band

Afro Jazz Funk

SUNDAY | 03.09.2017 | 7:00 PM


Carlos Dalelane Band

Carlos Dalelane has been active as a bassist and drummer in various musical projects for more than 30 years. Funk, blues and Afro elements flow through the music in his own band. The band switches between wild songs that are just asking to be danced to, and melodic ballads. In his music, Dalelane interprets two musical styles from Mozambique, Majika and Marrabenta, in a modern way. His dominant basslines and staccato vocals in his mother tongue of Ronga and in Portuguese are unforgettable features of the performance.


Line up:
Pia Bartelt: vocals
Carlos Dalelane: vocals, bass
Viktor Wolf: saxophone
Philipp Wagner: keyboard
Mauro Pandolfino: guitar
Aine Fujioka: drums

Al Adham Band 

Egyptian Folklore

SUNDAY | 03.09.2017 | 7:30 PM

Line up:
Adham Elsaid: vocals
Karim Ibrahim: oud
Mohamed Abou Salem: oud
Ennio Gazzea: bass
Muhammad Ra’fat: drums


Al Adham Band 

The newly-formed Al Adham Band wishes to illustrate the musical variety of Egyptian folklore from the south to the north, while keeping themselves open to Western musical influences as well. The founder, Adham Elsaid, previously wrote songs to accompany Egyptian films and television shows, and was the singer of Wust el-Balad from 1999 to 2016. This was considered to be one of the most successful rock bands in Egypt and the entire Arab region.


Feierabend Poetic Cumbia

Latin Rhythms & Postmodern Trova

SUNDAY | 03.09.2017 | 8:00 PM


Feierabend Poetic Cumbia Feierabend Poetic Cumbia was founded in 2013 and unites South American sounds with the beats of metropolitan Berlin. The cultural and musical origins of the seven musicians are Argentina, Chile, Cuba, Portugal and Germany. The German and Spanish lyrics tell stories of love, intercultural daily life and culture shock, in a predominately humorous way. And their guiding premise remains constant: to share a moment together and dance. The rhythms vary between cumbia, dancefloor, pop, ska and Latin.


Line up:
Maximiliano Freites: vocals
Gabriel Beltrame: vocals, bass
Jorge Peratta: accordion
Peter Schwarz: trumpet
Alejo Domingez: guitar
Raul Gonzalez: drums
Vaio Cendoya Hansen: percussion


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MC: Miriam Camara
Project manager: Anette Heit
Tel: (030) 60 97 70 – 17

With the support of the Senate Department for Culture and Europe and the Senate Deparment for Integration, Work and Society.



For more information about creole and the competition, please visit us on, Facebook, YouTube and here:



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