A. Gilbert Diop


Abdourahmane Gilbert Diop

Occupation Singer, Actor, Composer, Band Leader
Curator Global Dance Club
Born in
Rufisque, Senegal
Has lived in
Senegal, Paris, Brussels, Berlin

Short Biography

The late Abdouramane Gilbert Diop is the descendent of an influential Senegalese Griot family. For over 25 years he had lived in Europe and worked as a Griot, singer, actor, composer, percussionist and band leader in Paris, Brussels and Berlin. He was the recipient of numerous accolades, including the Ella audience award at the JAZZ AWARD BERLIN Festival in 2006, and the 'Europäischen Förderpreis für Musik und Friedenskultur' (eng. 'European Prize for Music and Culture of Peace') in 2007.

On August 15, 2012 our dear friend and colleague, the legendary Griot Abdourahmane Gilbert Diop, passed away after a serious illness.

May your Soul rest in peace, Gilbert.