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Spielfilm, SN/CG BRAZAVILLE 2009
R: Leandre-Alain Baker, 90 min., OV

Das Leben von Ramata, die seit 30 Jahren mit dem Justizminister verheiratet ist und im besten Viertel von Dakar in wohlhabenden Verhältnissen lebt, gerät aus den Fugen, als sie dem charismatischen, mysteriösen Gauner Ngor Ndong begegnet. Die attraktive 50jährige lässt sich auf eine „amour fou“ ein, die brutal und liebevoll, in jeder Hinsicht verstörend ist. Eine filmische Studie der Gefühle, basierend auf einer Novelle von Abasse Ndione.

The life of Ramata, married for 30 years to the Minister of Justice,
radically changes when she meets, apparently coincidentally, a mysterious
hustler free of all attachments.

In this studied adaptation of a novel by Abasse Ndione, Leandre Alain Baker
boldly attempts to unite style and content by concentrating his film
forcefully on the bewitching presence of Katoucha Niane (who tragically died
after the film's shooting was completed), well known as a fashion model and
whose ambiguous and brooding presence the film pointedly emulates. Her
Ramata is a striking woman in her fifties who lives in an elegant
neighbourhood of Dakar, married to a Minister of Justice with whom she is
preparing to celebrate their thirtieth wedding anniversary. But she is
forced to confront this unsatisfactory image of herself when she meets a
mysterious hustler free of all attachments, named Ngor Ndong. One may ask
why Ramata chooses to turn her back on her ideal life as well as the honour
of her husband and family. Not giving an answer, the film weaves a more
complex pattern that reveals another side of the seemingly free-spirited
hustler. (filmfestivalrotterdam)

The Director

Léandre-Alain BAKER was born in Bangui, in the Central African Republic. He
is a Congolese actor, writer and director. He created and directed the
Théâtre de l¹Eclair in Brazzaville and the Literary Circle of Brazzaville.
He is the author of novels, collections of poetry and plays. He has worked
as an actor in the theatre (including with Peter Brook) and for the cinema
and TV. Since 1993, he has made short films and documentaries and has made
his feature film directing debut with Ramata, successfully presented in 2009
at Fespaco, the PanAfrican Film Festival in Ouagadougou.

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